Food Program

Foodborne Illness

Wahkiakum County Health & Human Services takes food safety and incidence of foodborne illness very seriously.

**If you have a serious case of foodborne illness, seek medical attention before contacting the health department.

Please contact the Wahkiakum County Health department at 360.795.6207 if you believe you have contract a food borne illness.

Although it’s always possible, the last place you ate may not be the source of your foodborne illness. To help us determine the source quickly, please make a journal of when your symptoms started and your 5 day food history.

Food Handler Cards

To comply with food safety regulations (WAC 246-217) and (RCW 69.06.010), a food handler's card is required for working as a food worker serving the public in Washington State. The cost of a food handler card is $10.

To get your food handler card come into the Wahkiakum County Health department and sit for the exam or take the exam online.

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New Facilities

Please contact the Health Department Directly about Wahkiakum County Plan review procedures.

New facility applications: restaurants

New facility applications: mobile units

Temporary Food Establishment Application


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