Residential Treatment / Inpatient Referrals

All youth and adults are assessed for a wide range of treatment needs. While we offer adult and youth outpatient treatment services on site at our facility, we do refer patients to inpatient treatment. Inpatient services (Residential Treatment) are necessary at times to support the individual and family during levels of high risk in multiple dimension of life. During high risk in multiple dimensions Bio/Psycho/Social stabilization may be necessary. While it is encouraged that the family and the patient be proactive in the bed date process, we will also support the process with phone calls, faxes, setting up transportation, etc. Inpatient Treatment centers are busy and have only a hand full of beds available at each site. At times, we can work things out to get an individual to an inpatient facility within a week or two yet it is more likely to take 3-5 weeks or more to get a bed date. We will connect to the individual during the time between assessment and bed date to support them in the interim.


Title: Substance Use Disorder
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