Food Worker Cards

Current Washington State law requires all food employees to obtain a valid food worker card. For permanent food establishments such as restaurants and school cafeterias, all employees must obtain a valid food worker card within 14 days of hire. It is the responsibility of the Permit Holder of the establishment, and the Person In Charge to ensure that all food workers are in compliance. Temporary food establishments such as a event dinner at a grange or a food booth at the fair, require the Person In Charge to have a valid food worker card.

Wahkiakum County is part of Washington State's Department of Health only sanctioned online food worker training program. The online program includes a video training portion followed by an online test. When the fee is paid, and the test is passed, you can print your food worker card from your home printer. If you do not have access to a home computer, Wahkiakum County allows the use of our food worker card station to take the training and the test from our office in the basement of the Courthouse at 64 Main St., Cathlamet, WA 98612.

The online food worker training and testing can be found here

Be aware, this is the ONLY Washington State Department of Health sanctioned online training website. There are other sites out there, but they have not been sanctioned.

Washington State Food Code


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